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Escapadas de 3 días a Polonia

¿Alguna vez has considerado pasar un fin de semana en Polonia? 

Si es así, una de las ciudades referentes de Polonia, es Cracovia, definitivamente una de las ciudades más bellas este país, y si nunca has estado en Polonia, te recomendamos encarecidamente que elijas Cracovia como primera parada.

Spain is the fifth country that issues tourism to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic continues to grow unstoppably at tourist level. According to the Central Bank of this country, between January and November of last year 5.560.787 non-resident visitors arrived by air, reaching an increase of 3.9% over the previous year. In general, the number of travelers has increased by 208.286 travelers.


Dream trip to Thailand

If you are thinking of living a unique experience, different and full of diversity, you should make a trip to Thailand. Whether for its wide offer and variety of possibilities for both backpacker and premium tourist. Due to which you enjoy, mountains and lush forests or paradisiacal beaches. Or visit its large cities and bustling markets or let time pass by relaxing the moments. Throughout this post, we will make a summary of all the reasons that Tailanda has to seduce you.


Great things you can do by your own in Formentera

Are you planning to go on holiday to Formentera without anyone else who can interrupt your vacation? Traveling alone may at first give you a bit of vertigo, but once you it, you get hooked. Go for free just to the place you want, spend hours lying in the sand, thinking about nothing and enjoy your favorite restaurants. These are just a few of the advantages of traveling alone. That’s why I’m going to give you some tips you can do when you travel alone to Formentera.


How to not getting crazy of your travel bag?

Over the years, I learned through mistakes some tricks to travel only with the hand luggage taking advantage of the space, avoiding in this way, take the mega suitcase that has long been with me. And what is better ..., avoiding the discomfort of having to drag the happy and huge suitcase from airport to airport.

When we go on a trip, we often forget how important it is to travel light luggage. Going with little luggage has enormous advantages: the ease of being able to move with little volume and the possibility of finding cheap trips on low cost airlines.

What do Spanish singles values the most in a woman?

Singles (singles) Spaniards and the rest of Europe live their sentimental situation, as it can not be otherwise, with normality and a mood of the most positive. It is a personal option that many of us follow and that has generated the creation of an entire commercial sector dedicated to leisure for singles. Among the activities that Spanish singles like, we can highlight the following: trips for singles, dance classes, sports activities, etc.


What do single Spanish women values in a man?

Although there are scientific theories that have tried to establish the attributes that attract the opposite sex, the truth is that the tastes of each person are very particular. Women are especially demanding in this regard: they know what they like and they are very clear about what they want in a man. For this reason, singles trips or leisure proposals for singles are some of the sites that women prefer to meet men and discover affinities.