The beauty that causes the abandonment of the human hand

The beauty that causes the abandonment of the human hand

Around the world you can find numerous abandoned places in which the passage of time has played a magnificent role endowing them with a certain charm, mystery, great beauty and charm.

1.Sailboat sunk in Antarctica

Under the icy waters of Antarctica, in the Bay of Fildes, lies this sunken and abandoned yacht. The ship suffered an accident due to the adverse weather conditions and the compression of the ice.





2. The Hotel del Salto, Colombia

The Hotel del Salto in Colombia, is a haunted building near the Tequendama waterfalls. The Salto de Tequendama is a waterfall 157 meters above a rocky abyss and is a place that many chose to commit suicide.




3. Isla Hasima, Japan

Isla Hasima, also known as the "Buque de Guerra" Island because of its profile shape, is a small uninhabited island of the Japanese coast, with an area of ​​480 meters long and 150 meters wide. In its day, it was inhabited by coal workers of the seabed. After leaving the island workers, their buildings were subjected to the waves and the inclement weather.

Isla hashima




4. Pripyat, the radioactive city in Ukraine

It is a ghost town, in the Kiev region, Ukraine. City known for the effects caused by the explosion of reactor number 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which caused the evacuation of the population due to the high doses of radiation that emanated after the explosion. Today, it is a place guarded by the authorities. He who dares to step on it without authorization runs the risk, not only of suffering the high radiation that still has the place and its possible consequences, but can be captured and taken to prison.




5. The Marine Fort Maunsell, England

The strong marine Maunsell is a set of fortified towers that the United Kingdom built on the strategic rivers Thames and Mersey to stop and warn of any German attempt to place mines by aircraft in World War II.



6. Kolmanskop, Desert of Namibia

Kolmanskop is a mysterious and spooky German mining town. Located in the Desert of Namibia, it was built to give shelter to diamond seekers attracted by the uproar in 1908 of discoveries of this mineral thinking that they would get rich. After the Second World War lost splendor causing it to be gradually uninhabited.




  1. 7. Dome Houses, Southwest Florida

    These unique houses were built on the sea. They have a futuristic style, they are houses with a small circular dome that look like they were taken from the movie Star Wars.


Casas de domo, Suroeste de Florida


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