Spain is the fifth country that issues tourism to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic continues to grow unstoppably at tourist level. According to the Central Bank of this country, between January and November of last year 5.560.787 non-resident visitors arrived by air, reaching an increase of 3.9% over the previous year. In general, the number of travelers has increased by 208.286 travelers.



The number of non resident visitors stood at 5.5 million, of which 87,1% was made up of foreign tourists (this represents an increase of 4.4%). The other 12.8% were non-resident Dominicans.

The role of North America

On the other hand, North America was the main issuing country of international tourists for the Dominican Republic, representing 56.3% of visits. The next position was obtained by Europe, with 25.8% of arrivals from foreigners. South America had 12.8%

there were more than 12.800 Spaniards who visited the Dominican Republic during that period. In this way, Spain is the fifth European market in the issuance of tourists to this country, being surpassed only by Russia, Germany , France and England.

The Dominican airport that received most travelers was Punta Cana, with a total of 3.2 million international tourist arrivals. Behind there are the Las Americas, with 837.927 tourists and Puerto Plata with 406.571.


The Dominican Republic, a world reference in terms of tourism

And there is no doubt that traveling to the Dominican Republic is a dream for a lot of people from all over the planet, who find in this country a paradisiacal environment and an unparalleled tourist offer, such as spectacular hotels in Boca Chica.

Thanks to the data obtained by the country in the field of tourism, the Dominican Republic participated once again this year in FITUR with its own stand. It should be noted that the European market was the one that most helped the growth of tourism in the Dominican Republic last year. With 166.199 additional travelers in the period between January and November. In this occasion, FITUR want to promote all the tourist attractions of the country and make it known as Mice destination.

What is the Dominican Republic like?

There are 32 provinces that make up the Dominican Republic with a total area of 48.760 square meters and more than ten million inhabitants. To the north, it borders the Atlantic Ocean. To the south with Caribbean Sea. To the east it borders with Mona Channel and to the west with Republic of Haiti.

It is currently considered one of the countries with the greatest tourist attractions, which is why after years it is visited by millions of tourists. Some of the most famous places in the country are Bávaro-Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata and Juan Dolio, among many others.


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