Tips for choosing a good hotel for your trip

One of the most important things when planning a trip is without a doubt the hotel’s choice. It will be your home during your holidays and therefore, it is important that we feel comfortable with it.

The first thing we have to consider at the time of your choice, is the intention of your trip. If what you are going to do is a cultural trip where you will have many visits to the city you will spend most of your time exploring the streets. In this case you don’t need a hotel with a wide range of services, as you will not have time to enjoy them. It does not require that you have a good restaurant or great views. The best option in this case are the cheapest, modest and simplest but central hotels.

For example, there are numerous hotels in Madrid that meet these requirements and you won’t have to spend a fortune to get to know this great city.




However, if you are looking for a relaxing trip where you can get away from the daily stress, the location as well as the services which are offered are very important. The hotel option in this case will be somewhat more expensive, but it add value to your trip. There are many hotels in Benidorm that meet these requirements and aren’t expensive.


Other aspects to consider but not less important, is the flexibility in the change of the reserve, as well as in the payment method. The current pace of life is so hectic and our agendas are so full that it’s common to have to modify your holiday dates. So, it’s important that when you make the reservation, the hotel allows you the possibility of changing the dates and even (if necessary) cancel it without being sanctioned.

There are hotels that allow you to pay once the stay is over, instead of paying ahead. Always ask what kind of rooms you have at your disposal: double, single, luxury, with jacuzzi to fit your needs and what you really want.

Cleaning is an important factor as it will help us feel more comfortable finding clean rooms and bathrooms. The same happens if we see that the common areas, like the restaurant and the pool area, looks good.


As important as the location is knowing what services it has. If you are going to be there for a long period, you have to know if there is a laundry service. It acquires great importance. If you have children, it’s essential that you have playgrounds, nurseries and swimming pools.

The special services that can be adapted to the personal situations of the guest in question, such as for example menus for celiacs, diabetics or vegetarians in your restaurant is truly important and will help you to feel more comfortable during your stay in it.

Before making your hotel reservation, check all these aspects on the website and try to read the comments and reviews other clients have left about their experience.




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