What do Spanish singles values the most in a woman?

Singles (singles) Spaniards and the rest of Europe live their sentimental situation, as it can not be otherwise, with normality and a mood of the most positive. It is a personal option that many of us follow and that has generated the creation of an entire commercial sector dedicated to leisure for singles. Among the activities that Spanish singles like, we can highlight the following: trips for singles, dance classes, sports activities, etc.

On the other hand, singles like to meet people and relate, in an optimistic way, especially with people who are in the same situation as them. It is quite logical, since there are many possibilities to match their hobbies and way of understanding life.

Join us in our review of the preferences of singles from Spain and other European countries about what they look for in women. Do you agree with some of these opinions?

We started with what interests us the most, the positions of the Spanish singles with respect to women. Broadly speaking, singles from Spain give great importance to their professional development. The boys in the women appreciate, especially, the communication skills and their generosity (the opposite of being people interested in the material). Another circumstance that draws our attention is that Spanish singles confess that it would be difficult for them to have a relationship with a couple that professes a different religion or is of another nationality.

And what are the other European singles looking for in women? The Belgians like girls who impress their acquaintances, the English are more romantic and conventional, the French discard the very energetic girls, the Swedes and Danes seem the most tolerant and the Italians do not want excessive ties.

In short, for tastes (of singles), colors; and if you dare to know singles, you know that with us you will always bring a backpack full of friends from each trip.


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En lo personal,las prefiero divertidas, cultas e inteligentes...si son de culturas diferentes mejor!!!!

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