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Statistical data of singles

The prejudices about the leisure of singles and their way of life are over. This sector of society grows and in Dare You only know. That's why, since 2006, we began to organize trips for singles and other activities for those who have decided to live without marriage ties.

Next, we are going to tell you a series of data that affirm that this lifestyle is booming.



Surprising September

September is a sweet month to travel. The leaves begin to fall and the sunsets with the melancholy light that offers us this month are priceless. The suffocating heat disappears and you can enjoy the beach without having to remove the coats yet. Perfect for the last dip and still take advantage of the open terraces for a refreshing drink.


The beauty that causes the abandonment of the human hand

Around the world you can find numerous abandoned places in which the passage of time has played a magnificent role endowing them with a certain charm, mystery, great beauty and charm.

1.Sailboat sunk in Antarctica

2. The Hotel del Salto, Colombia

3. Isla Hasima, Japan

4. Pripyat, the radioactive city in Ukraine

5. The Marine Fort Maunsell, England

6. Kolmanskop, Desert of Namibia

7. Dome Houses, Southwest Florida

Places of “fantasy” in our real world

There are corners full of fantasy within our real world where you can lose yourself and your imagination to fly. Dazzling tulips, multi colored mountains, mirror floors, enchanted forests, lakes of pink water in which to spend a summer afternoon ...

1. Fields of Tulips, Holland

2. Black Forest, Germany

3. Lake Retba, Senegal

4. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

5. Zhangye Danxia Geological Park, China

6. Tianzi Mountain, China


Contribute to happiness through vaginal orgasm and the female G-spot

You know that our mission is to contribute to a happier world, through friendship. We think that a full and satisfactory sexuality as a couple or in open relationships greatly affect us to find ourselves happier, so after consulting on social networks if you think of this theme to Dare yourself, and receive your support, we have written an article about Orgasm Vaginal so that the chic@s make you happier !!!

Los Túneles del Amor

Como en Alicia en el País de las Maravillas, en estos lugares parece mezclarse fantasía con realidad. ¿Quién no ha soñado con lugares tan románticos por los que pasear junto a alguien especial cogido de la mano?...

1. Túnel Wisteria, Japón

2. Boone Hall, EE UU

3. Bosque de ArashiyamaKioto

4. Túnel del Amor, Ucrania

5. Paseo de las Jacarandas, Sudáfrica

6. Túnel Cherry Blossom, Alemania


Be a happy single

In some countries or cultures, being single still has a certain negative connotation. For many people being single, it means having a short life, without life and even relate it to psychological problems not overcome by that person and that have irremediably led to that situation. However, the true meaning of single refers to the person who prefers or decides to be alone.


The new fashion in relationships: “Free” comfortable and uncompromising. Very cool!

In matters of couple relationships there is nothing written; some require total dependence and exclusivity as the highest precept of fidelity while other people prefer relationships without commitment, 'exclusivity' is not given so that you can maintain a hectic social life but knowing that there is always someone ... out there.