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Singles, yes, never alone!

Not so long ago, the woman who had no partner was stigmatized and considered an 'old maid'.

Nowadays, singles of both sexes abound for various reasons. The increase in divorce, which returns many people to singleness is one of them, but there is also a change in mentality: we no longer settle for a half-hearted love. Men do not need a woman to care for them, as we do not need a man to support us. Each person, in short, has his reasons for not having a partner, but a 'single' existence should not be considered less valid. Your life is already done, and you are the person who will accompany you until the end of your days. So, learn to be happy with yourself.


The myths of love

If we made a list of the things we need to be happier, we might include having a partner, getting married or avoiding a possible separation. Science has rolled up and analyzed if all this list of wonderful things really bring us the happiness we seek (...).


How to break the addiction to a person (part 3): Embrace independence


1. Meditate how you are going to handle the situation, when in the future you get in touch with the person to whom you feel addiction and from whom you have separated. You must limit the contact with the person you feel addicted to if it causes you low self-esteem and makes you feel small or not loved.

How to break the addiction to a person (part 1): Diagnosis of an addictive relation

Love can cause a sensation similar to drugs, producing fantasies, causing insomnia and even making you abandon other aspects of your life. An addictive relationship is characterized by the need to remain with a person despite the negative consequences it produces in your life. You must diagnose if your relationships with other people follow patterns of obsessive attachment.

Enjoy the loneliness

Diferenciar los dos conceptos de soledad. Existen dos connotaciones muy distintas aplicables al concepto soledad. La soledad entendida desde un  aspecto negativo, es decir, cuando uno no está contento de estar solo y por tanto se encuentra realmente solo en la vida, aislado.  O la soledad entendida de manera positiva,  cuando uno está feliz de estar solo, y por tanto no se siente solo. Son personas que eligen qué momentos desea vivir solo y cuáles quiere compartir con sus seres queridos o conocidos. No hay nada malo en la soledad, estar solo con uno mismo, puede ser útil y agradable...

This story of a daring has moved us



We rescued and immortalized an experience that left us the imprint of someone special.

What we have felt when reading you, Pepa, has no price for us. We are sure that many daring are going to send their encouragement and support, so you always have your batteries charged in this journey, which we will wait with open arms to make us feel again.



There are 5 types of singles, which one are you


After years of enjoying with the daring people, since 2006 this fascinating adventure began, we have met thousands of singles and we have researched and studied their main profiles. After our conclusions we have identified 5 majority profiles of Singles: