¿Qué es Atrévete solo?

Dare ALONE is an innovative leisure and entertainment project created in 2006 by the Prodigia Business Group, which has resulted in the constitution of the Specialized Tour Operator in singles, Atrévete Solo, S.A., constituting a Wholesale and Retail Travel Agency. It offers exclusive proposals for free time to singles (single people: single, separated, widowed) and people who want to travel alone, who for work or personal circumstances do not have time to plan their vacations, do not coincide with their friendships, or simply because They want to meet new people.

Offers 3 leisure proposals:

  • International trips and cruises.
  • Weekends of rural tourism, multiadventure, oenological, equestrian, cultural, sun and beach, diving, ski ...
  • Theme Parties like the traditional Singles New Year's Eve.

Dare Alone has as a mission to contribute to a happier world, by the third factor with the highest incidence in happiness, friendship (being love and family the 2 main ones). Specifically facilitating the social relationships of singles (people without a partner). That is why our concept is Friendship. Dare yourself. It's not a marriage agenda or anything similar.

The exclusive leisure offers offered by Atrévebe SOLO range from cruises in the Mediterranean, Nevl York, Egypt, the Caribbean, inland Europe, to weekends in rural lodgings with groups from 15 to 300 "daring", where fun activities and lots of fun are shared. . There is no age limit (from 18 years), although the predominant age range is between 27 and 50 years. We do not exclude anyone by age, we have daring jovials who enjoy more than 70 years in company with us.

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