28 December to 02 January 2011


6 días y 5 noches
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Group pick-up at MADRID 17:00 Atocha AVE station and 17:30 Barajas Airport.

20:00 Reception and presentation of the program of activities of Destination Black Architecture. Accommodation and dinner.



In the morning and after a copious breakfast we will meet for a short introduction to the activity and take the 4x4 vehicles to visit the different villages that make up and fill the valley with charm. In transfers along barely traveled roads, we will visit villages like Valverde de los Arroyos where time seems to have stopped many years ago.

In Valverde de los Arroyos we will have the opportunity to approach the spectacular Chorrera de Despeñalagua.

During the tour through the villages we will pass through one of the most beautiful and least known places in the area: El Mirador del Asomante and the enchanted city of Tamajón. Lunch en route (Picnic).


After dinner, and wrapped in the darkness of the valley, we will go for a walk around Campillo de Ranas and, if the clouds allow us, contemplate the sky in all its splendor.



We will depart from Campillo de Ranas, after our breakfast to Retiendas, the starting point of this route.


In a short time from our beginning we will approach the bed of the river Jarama to find the ruins of the Monastery of Bonabal. The romantic ruins of the Cistercian monastery of Bonabal are lost in a mountain valley at the gates of the Valley of the Black Villages. Pleasant walk along the dirt road among oaks.


From this point and without losing sight of the Jarama River, we will walk downstream to gradually enter the Jarama gorge, a spectacular river route that shelters vultures and other birds, and plant species typical of other latitudes.

Little by little, the gorge will be opened to reach the medieval bridge of Valdesotos, an ancient pass to access the small village of Valdesotos.


From the medieval bridge we access by road to Valdesotos.  The origin of the village dates back to the repopulation of the 11th century after the Reconquest, reaching its peak in the 1950s. At present there are no more than 10 neighbours that populate its streets, although it maintains the same splendour and privileged enclave.


Once in Valdesotos we will access by a comfortable path to El Chorro, a fantastic waterfall in the upper part of the Palancares stream. From this point we will return on our steps to Valdesotos where we will take a small part of the GR 10 (Long Distance Trail). It is 1,600 km long and connects the Valencian town of con, serving as a junction between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, to the Bonabal Monastery, from where we will return to Retiendas. Lunch on the road



We will take our vehicles to approach the interior of the Sierra de Ayllón and the Rincón mountains early in the morning.


We will cross La Hiruela, whose origins date back to the 12th and 13th centuries, and take a path that will gradually lead us to the highest part of the route, the port of La Hiruela. From this point we will have some of the best views of the whole Sierra del Rincón and the Sierra de Ayllón.

From here, and with hardly any positive slopes, we will walk through the interior of a fantastic pine forest in the upper part of the Jarama valley until we reach the Puerto del Cardoso, where we will descend to the river Jarama where the rest of our route will run.

We will pass by the ruins of the old Juan Bravo Mill and continuing downstream we will arrive at the Hiruela Mill, currently rebuilt and in perfect working order.

In this fantastic corner we will have time to eat. (Picnic)


From the Recreational Area of El Molino, we will climb up the Fuentecilla stream to La Hiruela, but first we will see the traditional "cork" apiary halfway up the slope. These beehives, with the appearance of a small town, are worked from hollow oak or cherry trunk sections, and with a strip of shale and mud on top.  New Year's Eve Dinner and Cotillion.


In this corner of our geography we will celebrate the arrival of the new year, dances, laughter and good atmosphere will accompany us during the night.



In a short time from our beginning we will approach the bed of the Arroyo del Soto to enter a small path, in a world of flowers, the flowers of the rockroses. Among colors we will be gaining height until we reach the royal path, an ancient way of communication between the villages that make up the Black Architecture.


From this point we will face the greatest difficulty of the day and climb quietly to the highest point of the day, at the foot of the Ocejón, but possibly also one of the most surprising natural viewpoints in the Valley of Black Architecture.

From now on, we only have to go down through oak and rockrose fields to the village of Majaelrayo, where we will walk through its streets and contemplate the heritage of a unique architecture.

In Majaelrayo we will take a small path that will lead us to Robleluengo, another of the villages that fill this valley with charm. On the outskirts of Robleluengo we will return to the path that will lead us through different streams to our starting point, Campillo de Ranas.

After this complete day we will have time to refresh ourselves in Campillo de Ranas, to walk its streets and to rest in a unique environment. Lunch en route.



For this last day and as a farewell to the Valley of the Black Villages, we have reserved one of the most impressive visits: the abandoned village of La Vereda. Prepared for a simple stroll, breakfast and luggage loaded in the vehicles at 11:00, we will leave for this picturesque village. From Campillo de Ranas we will take the direction of Guadalajara, to turn off towards the El Vado dam, the first obstacle that the river Jarama encounters from its source at the foot of the Tres Provincias peak. We will contemplate the colossal infrastructure and little by little we will enter by track towards La Vereda, one of the references of the popular architecture of the area. Lunch en route (picnic).


Departure to MADRID at 15:00, estimated arrival at 17:00 Atocha and 17:30 Barajas.



Destination map



This trip has been prepared by professionals to make travelers who choose these adventures can enjoy a special and different way of one of the most attractive places in the interior of the peninsula: the Hayedo de la Tejera Negra, the Valley of the Black Villages and the Sierra de Ayllon.


For the realization of this trip is not necessary to meet special physical conditions, although a minimum physical condition for walking. They are designed to be experienced by any type of traveler who wants to use their vacation time to enjoy nature, to explore and get to know very different places, to feel what a traditional culture and a unique architecture can transmit to us.


All activities are carried out within the framework of respect for nature, which does not only mean respecting the environment through which we are going to travel but also transmitting to our clients the need to preserve a landscape of special beauty. In the long run, respect for nature benefits us all.


We want those who sign up for this small adventure to feel privileged to be in unique natural and cultural spaces, to feel the emotion of meeting with a different culture from that of our places of residence and the experience of enjoying all these experiences together with other travel companions.


This trip is not just a vacation package as we intend it to be something more. May it be a time in which we can learn about the special ecosystems we are going to visit or about the Black People and their traditional and current culture, and share some really interesting days.


Our activities, thanks to the many times they have been done by our guides before, reflect a balance to allow us to enjoy them with sufficient comfort and have the satisfaction of making a very special trip.


We will have the privilege of enjoying the nature and culture of these wonderful villages under the comfort of excellent accommodation and enjoy excellent cuisine. We hope you will share with us this particular way of travelling, far from the traditional circuits, doing it in an active and different way.


Adventure, Nature and Culture to enjoy

Spectacular landscapes, generous nature and unique architecture are some of the wonders that this corner of the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara offers to the visitor. Fauna, vegetation and traditions merge in such a special way that those who come to know the Black Tejera Beech Forest and the Black Villages Valley in depth will never forget.


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What's included / not included

What's included:

- 6 days and 5 nights accommodation in attic cottages.

- Transfers from/to MADRID Barajas airport and Atocha AVE station.

- Qualified local mountain guide/qualified professional instructors who will offer a personalised service.

- Full board (five dinners in restaurant, five breakfasts in restaurant and five picnics)

- The dinner menu includes first and second course, bread, dessert or coffee. Includes drink.

- Special New Year's Eve Dinner + Cotillion

- Menu

---Seafood Soup

---Beef sirloin with boletus sauce

---White Chocolate and Forest Fruit Coulis Quenelles

---Nougat Assortment

---Red wine CUNE Crianza

---Coffee or infusion



- Activities included in the program (the Valle de los Pueblos Negros, the enchanted city of Tamajón, the abandoned village of La Vereda, the Hoz del Jarama, the Alto del Río Jarama Valley, the Chorro de Valdesotos...)

- All group transfers in 4x4 vehicles.

- Assistance and coordination of the group at the destination.

- Basic travel insurance.

- Prices include VAT.


What's not included:

- Anything not included in the "WHAT IS INCLUDED" section.




- New Year's Eve in Pueblos Negros: 519 €/Person IN COMPLETE BOARDING



Prices per person in double room. (VAT included) Limited places.


Cancellation costs may be charged in the event of cancellation by the traveller, provided the cancellation is not made at least 10 days in advance.


If the activity does not reach the minimum of 5 registrations, it will be cancelled and notified at least 10 days before the start of the activity.


In the event that the minimum number of seats for the trip is not met, or for any other reason, 100% of the money paid by the traveler will be returned.


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